October 13, 2008

Upcoming Event : Teenage Riot Fest II (22 November 2008)

Spoiler for [TES] :


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October 10, 2008

Upcoming Event : Show You What We've Got (Part 1).

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Promote Indie Band : Never Give Up Nobita.

**Short Story About Never Give Up Nobita :

Never Give Up Nobita is a Poppunk / Powerpop band based on Bandung, Indonesia. At the end of our high school midyear 2007,

a new line up has built. We don’t get used to be a cover band ‘cause we consumed by those teenage stuff on American teen movie like : “how to rock the prom with our documenter movie life ?”

(Of course how to take the girls out too! :D)

So we’re done the stories, write it honestly, put some keys to sing, even it so unskillful, but we’re just make it catchy to you ear ! NGUN Style !. Our currently songs are the top content of love and care, brokenhearted and proud, friendships and good memories, its all about being fun to run the teenage life.

In the term of Newschool Poppunk, Hellogoodbye, Forever the Sickest Kids, Cobra Starship, Motion City Soundtrack, Rushmore Academy, Cute Is What We Aim For till Fall Out Boy is the sounds that we grow with.

Now we’re busy for preparing our upcoming EP “GIVING UP NEVER LOOK SO COOL !”. Hope it will be your favourite evening out soundtrack, see ya around !

time after time as we grow up, we write it down :
01. When The New Days is Dawning I Lose Something to Believe !
02. Quit School To Buy a Doll For Your Valentine !
03. Keep This Party Started, I'll Be Your The Best One ! !
04. Take This Notes and Let Me Go !
05. I Ain't That Best But One of The Best !
06. Hurray, The Couple Has Broken Up !


Hellogoodbye / Rushmore Academy / Motion City Soundtrack / Fall Out Boy


“From your Dance Pop Power House playlist to the year of Punk Rock revival, we deliver you it ours combine with Nintendo Entertainment System sound. In the name of “NO – BI – TA!” on the set to “NEVER GIVE UP !”, Never Give Up Nobita is here for crushing your teenager hearts, perhaps your sister too.”

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**Band Members :
01. Egi Komeng : guitar and sings / lets talk about making outs !
02. Abud Hey O : guitar and sings / wish some girls yellin’ his name !
03. Joseph : bass and barks / jump and jumps for being more thin !
04. Danu : drums and show off / so long live to the haircuts !
05. Adrian : “oops, where’s my … ? “ a forgetful Adrian !

**Contact Person :


01. Adimas Fernando : +628156261322
02. Abud Hey O : +6285624563735
myspace : http://www.myspace.com/nevergiveupnobitapunks


October 09, 2008

Upcoming Event : Metal Therapy Show. (26 October 2008)

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Hate Ruthless

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September 22, 2008

Promote Indie Band : Crispy Doesn't Play.

**Short Story About Crispy Doesn't Play :

We started at the begin of 2008, From Aridi (Guitarist) and Dimas (Guitarist) idea to made a band and then with dandy’s help as we have known before he is a vocalist for some metal band in Jakarta and now he is a vocalist in this band too and someone who will play a bass guitar in this band, and his name is Rizal, and we finished the formation with Aldo to playing the drum, but he's left this band because he have some personality problem. from now on drum he is Angga.

almost all of the song we’ve made are a story of life of each member of this band, as like “I PROMISE”, is one of our song was written by Aridi (Guitarist) and was dedicated to a girl who has had left him (hehehe), and the other song such as “MELANGKAH KEDEPAN” is a song written by Dendy (Vocalist) and Dimas (Guitarist) mean to strengthen our relationship among the member of the band, and walk to the fame and glory (success).

CRISPY DOESN’T PLAY” is the name of the band is the idea from Dendy (vocalist) and Aridi (Guitarist). WHY?? , because it sounds unique and catchy, Hopefully it will be easy to be remember. It will be a pleasure for us if our music is listened and accepted. What is a band where there is no listener . Deeply from our heart and love to show you our appreciation, we’ll do the best ! come , see, and support us at www.myspace.com/crispydoesntplay or www.friendster.com/crunchkriuk :D


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**Band Members :

-Dendy (vocal & Body Surfer)
-Dimaz (guitar 1 & Head Bangers)
-Aridi On The Mix (guitar 2 & Worry about his Amply)
-Rizal (bass & Just laugh anyway)
-Angga (drum & percussion)

**Contact Person :

Nabil : +628568500320 (NO SMS)
myspace : www.myspace.com/crispydoesntplay
friendster : www.friendster.com/crunchkriuk


August 28, 2008

Promote Indie Band : Lipgloss.

**Short Story About Lipgloss :

This band was conceived in 1998 and started out as a cover band. Everybody who was around the Jakarta indie scene from that point onwards knew who they were. They performed britpop anthems from Suede, Pulp, Radiohead, Morrissey, The Cure, Rialto, Blur and many more, to perfection. Immaculate on stage performances skyrocketed the group’s stature to become the must-have band in all high school and campus festivals circa 1998-2002.

But, being just another cover band was not good enough for them. They wanted to express their own brand of music and stomp their signature sounds to distinguish themselves from everybody else. Thus, starting from around the year 2000, they started jamming to their own tunes and tried to create their own songs. Unfortunately, their vocalist at the time, Reno, struggled with this push into uncharted territories. After some years of trying to make it work, he gave up and quit the band he fronted.

A mad scramble to find his replacement soon took place. Not an easy task, considering he was already a looming, iconic figure in the indie scene at that point in time. Nevertheless, Lipgloss were determined to make something of themselves. Auditions were carried out and it took the band more than a year to finally appoint Reno’s successor, Agus. This diminutive singer had vast potential and could rapidly adapt to the group’s synergy.

More time was spent to develop new ideas and concepts for a distinctively new sound in an industry already saturated with boring, melodramatic pop-rock songs. Then, stronger than ever, with the help of Fiasco Records for distribution, they finally released their self-made debut album “Asa” in January 2007. The result was an outstandingly fresh and mature-sounding album, nothing short of brilliant. The album is somewhat dark, twisted and edgy, but also exceedingly beautiful and ground-breaking at the same time.

Considering they had zero promotional budgets, “Asa” did very well, particularly in Jakarta and Bandung. Responses quickly came from the media. Magazines, such as Rolling Stone, Trax, Ripple, Jeune and Spice!, hailed them as a refreshing breath of fresh air, in a time when all bands are starting to sound quite similar to each other. They stayed true to their roots, but took it above and beyond all expectations. The hit single from the album, “Mereka Sebut Timur” – which also features Aloel from Blackstar, had managed to receive significant airplay on several radios, such as Prambors, Mustang, Trax, Visi, Ardan, Oz, Borneo, RRI Pro2 and many others.

However, nationally speaking, they are still relatively unknown. Being an underground outfit, they are constrained by the limitations common to all indie groups. It is their goal to reach and touch as many people as possible with their innovative new sound. So, they entered the L.A. Lights Indiefest 2007 competition, and emerged as the winner, with their critically-acclaimed single, “Mereka Sebut Timur”. The result was massive, and the song quickly became one of the indie anthems in Indonesia. Now, they are in the middle of making their second album, which shall continue bringing fresh new innovation in the national music industry. Can’t hardly wait? Me either… (m@d)

Promote Indie Band : Lipgloss
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**Band Members :

Novalina Yunesti Naftalia Anas
Born : Jakarta, 23 Juni 1978
Position : Keyboard
Influences : Mozart, Candida
(PULP), Bellamy (Muse), Britney
Spears, Mariah Carey, Destiny’s
Child, Bach, Beethoven

Billy Joe Dis Yunior
Lahir : Jakarta, 16 Juli 1989
Posisi : Drum
Influences : Muse, Dream Theater,
Pulp, Coldplay

Pangeran Markus Hutabarat (Eran)
Lahir : Medan, 12 Maret 1983
Posisi : Bass
Influences : Nathan East, Sting,
Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton

Mahdenny Zulkarnaen (Denny)
Lahir : Singapore, 06 Oktober 1977
Posisi : Guitar, backing vocal
Influences : John Lennon/Paul McCartney
(The Beatles), Thom Yorke /Jonny
Greenwood (Radiohead), Steven Patrick
Morrissey, Robert Smith (The Cure),
Bernard Butler (The Tears), Johnny Marr
(The Smiths)

Agusalim Luckman (Agus)
Lahir : Jakarta, 1 Agustus 1984
Posisi : Lead Vocal, Acoustic
Influences : The Calling,
Radiohead, James Blunt, Damien
Rice, The Vines, Hyde (L’arc en
Ciel), Ritter (All American
Reject), Suede, Phantom Planet,
Pulp, Jamison Parker

Doddy Nuriadi (Doddy)
Lahir : Jakarta, 3 November 1976
Posisi :Guitar, backing vocal
Influences : Suede, PULP,
Muse, Morrissey, NOFX,
Hillsong, Delirious

**Contact Person :

Please feel free to contact Lipgloss via Mahdesi 0811-834290/ 021-92974560 or bandlipgloss@plasa.com.



August 07, 2008

Upcomming Event : End of 4 June Part 2. (15 August 2008)

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